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    How great would it be to go to bed every night and sleep like a baby, and wake up every morning feeling refreshed and brimming with energy? Sound impossible? Well it doesn’t have to be that way! There are many things that can keep us awake at night, stress from our jobs, worries from our day to day lives, money, deadlines, illnesses, pain, or even just having too many things on our minds. But whatever the cause of your sleep problems, comfort should definitely not be one of those issues. In fact the best pillow could very well make a huge difference between wonderful sleep and another night of tossing and turning.

    Every individual has their own unique comfort zone when it comes to pillows and sleeping. That is why there are many different pillows to choose from. Each type of pillow is designed for different body types, shapes and weights, not to mention personal preferences. Many people have a hard time getting a good night sleep and that is why it is important to have the right pillow and can also reduce the stress and discomfort you experience throughout the day. Not to mention help you remember things, lose weight, rebuild muscles, nerves and tissues, and just generally be happier.

    How can a pillow help?

    Having the right type of pillow which keeps your spine, neck and head in a nice straight alignment, with the proper support, actually allows the muscles around the neck and spine to fully relax. Why? Well picture yourself standing up nice and tall with your head and neck in a nice alignment, it is the muscles around your neck and spine that keep your head in place. After all if you had no muscles your head would just fall to one side or to the front or back. It is the same when you lie down. If your head neck and spine are not in their natural alignment then the muscles will do their job and keep trying to hold your neck and spine in place. This means you can’t fully relax and sleep deeply, or worse, you will get some inflammation and pain which will either cause you to toss and turn or wake with a ‘pain in the neck’ and another night of poor sleep.

    The good news is that there is an absolute array of pillows that are designed for comfort and designed to reduce stress on the neck and provide a great night sleep. Everyone deserves a wonderful night sleep and the right pillow can do that for you. Some pillows are made from cotton and others are made from synthetic fibers. There are also contour, memory foam and latex pillows which provide great options for everyone to have a perfect sleep.

    Specially Designed Therapeutic Pillows

    Pain is the natural enemy of sleep. When we sleep poorly our bodies don’t have the chance to heal as quickly so therapeutic pillows are specially designed for medical issues or sleeping problems. Some of these pillows are designed to reduce snoring and improve breathing for people who have special medical conditions. Therapeutic pillows are also designed for people with other health conditions or injuries requiring a special or unique support, or even pillows to suit a CPAP set up. Some may require a special design to relieve pressure or stress. Much of this is done by the special contour and shape of the pillows and the variation of density and thicknesses needed to support the various parts of the body. Pillows can be designed to accommodate almost any medical ailment or injury an individual is going through which is the key for better sleeping.

    Pillows for All Ages

    When we are young, our bodies are adaptive and flexible and we can pretty much sleep with any pillow or in many different positions and still get deep sleep.However as we age our bodies change and what was a good pillow 10 years ago may not be the right pillow for you today. Comfortable supportive pillows are needed for people of all ages. Having the correct posture and having a wonderful deep sleep is critically important for your health no matter what your age. I often hear people mention that as they get older they need less sleep and can live with just a few hours sleep each night. But this is just not true. Our bodies require a full night’s deep sleep every day until the day we die, and there is an endless amount of medical research to prove this. Comfortable supportive pillows are just as important for children as they are for adults. It may be even more important for a child to have the proper pillow just in order to prevent neck or back problems from developing in later years. Preventative care for your body is important at any age. There are even allergy free pillows available for little sensitive noses, or you could invest in a waterproof, breathable pillow case to keep dust mites and other allergens at bay as well. Pillow’s labelled as “Children’s pillows” are generally just smaller than a normal adults pillow so use the same method to choose your child’s perfect pillow too. .

    Pillows for Pregnant Women

    The right pillow can dramatically help a pregnant woman get a wonderful night sleep, which again sleep is crucial for optimum health during the pregnancy. It is often not only more difficult to sleep while you are pregnant, but the problem is made worse in that your body shape will alter and change a great deal during and after the baby is born. This is why choosing the right pillow can be quite difficult and may require to have a few different shapes and feels of pillows available to swap around as needs demand. There are a variety of maternity pillows to choose for pregnant women such as neck and back support pillows, as well as various U-shaped and body pillows. Pillows for breast feeding can also help comfort women when they need it most, and there are several heat dispersing pillows available to help keep you comfortable through the night.

    Heat Regulating Pillows

    We sleep best when the temperature in our bedroom is nice and cool, typically around 18 degrees Celsius. How many times on those hot summer nights have you flipped your pillow from side to side just to give your hot sweaty head a cool break? Whilst there are some pillows that are designed to be warm in order to relieve pain or discomfort, a nice cool pillow is better suited for your best night’s sleep. Some pillows have a cooling gel layer or pad added but I must warn you that this is definitely one of those things in life where price really does matter. There is no such thing as a good cheap gel pillow. The cheap ones will just warm up and probably be worse than a standard pillow. An expensive Gel Pillow will cost between $200- $300, but are specially designed to draw the heat away from your head and maintain a nice cool temperature all night long. Other types of heat regulating pillows may have bamboo or other natural layers or holes cut through the foam so that air can circulate and allow the heat to disperse. A good quality cotton or linen pillow case will also help as it is important for a pillow to properly dissipate heat in order to prevent sweating which is not only uncomfortable but can also stop you having a deep sleep.

    Remember that you sleep for eight hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days of the year, so spending a little bit more on your perfect pillow is well worth the benefits you will gain in mind and body. If you want to have a wonderful night sleep then always choose the pillow that is perfect for you. If you need to choose a specialty pillow seek help and advice from an expert or health care professional as you will be amazed at how much better you can sleep with the right pillow. A regular pillow can cause a lot of discomfort and really ruin a good night sleep when there are so many wonderful choices that everyone can find a pillow that best suits them. We would be only too happy and pleased to help you with your decision in choosing the perfect pillow for the perfect rest, and you can always contact our friendly staff if you have any questions or concerns.. We are always here to help you when you need us.

    Sweet Dreams!