SimplePosture Lower Back Pain Cushion

    $25.95 $24.95


    Relieves Lower Back Pain and Tightness
    If you’ve ever experienced pressure or tightness in your lower back from sitting, then the Backguard is your answer! Get the gentle lower back support you need to sit pain free!

    Promotes Confident Healthy Posture
    The Backguard gently supports your lower back’s natural arc to help you sit up confidently and maintain healthy vibrant posture! You’ll start feeling more relaxed and refreshed both while you’re sitting AND when you get up!

    Double Adjustable Strap + Anti-Slip Back Cover Keeps Cushion In Place
    Featuring first of its kind double adjustable straps and anti-slip back cover. Two FREE bonus extension straps included for a perfect fit on any seat big or small.

    Compact Size Lets You Use It Anywhere
    Not too small that it doesn’t provide you support, but not too bulky that it’s a pain to use and carry around! The perfect size lets you take it and use it anywhere you want – both on the road or at home!