Aeris Premium Knee Pillow

    $21.90 $19.90


    Maximum Sciatica Joint & Hip Pain Relief or Get a Full Refund
    Have you tried everything, but you’re still waking up with sore joints, aching hips and sciatica pain? Imagine how much better it would feel to start your morning without immediate pain… think of how energetic you would be!

    Sleep Better
    Our carefully crafted 100% high-quality memory foam pillow with excellent support will create the perfect alignment of your legs, knees and hips to provide the best night’s sleep you’ve had for a long time. This pillow is great for pregnant women, as it works to ease pregnancy pain when you are unable to sleep on your back and are forced to sleep on your side.

    Easier to Manuever
    This product represents a major improvement over full-sized pillows, as it is easy to reposition where you need the most support.

    No Unpleasant Odor
    The lemon-scented special formula and the manufacturing process our products undergo eliminates most of the odor that memory foam releases, meaning that you can use your product right away.

    Easy-to-Wash Cover
    You can clean your machine-washable bamboo cover at any time, so don’t worry if it gets a little dirty!