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    Best Pillows for Neck Pain 2018

    Neck pain can seriously impact your every day life. The right pillow can make all the difference. Here are the 10 best pillows for neck pain.

    Neck pain is one of the most commonly reported pain conditions in the USA. And although in some cases you only options is to see a doctor, you may be able to improve your pain up by using the right pillows for neck pain.

    Much of the time, neck pain can be the result of poor posture and muscle stress because of a lack of support overnight.

    It’s a simple solution to a common problem, but it’s true that the best pillows can make all the difference.

    Using the right pillows means that you may not need to shell out on a visit to the doctor or physiotherapist. Many neck issues can be solved with this easy step. It’s worth a shot before you visit the doctor – otherwise, your daily struggle will simply continue.

    Below, I’ve explained how a bad pillow can result in neck pain. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to recognize whether or not it’s likely that your current pillow is causing an issue.

    And then I’ve picked out 10 of the best pillows for neck pain. So if you’re searching for an answer to your constant neck soreness, I think I’ve got you covered!

    How Does a Bad Pillow Cause Neck Pain?

    It’s all to do with the curvature of the spine.

    A firm bed to keep the spine straight, as recommended by some doctors in my past, isn’t likely to solve the problem. In fact, after talking to a sleep specialist some years later, I learned that it’s not about having a straight spine at all.

    The spine is naturally curved. So trying to keep it as straight as a board doesn’t really make any sense at all.

    This is the theory behind the whole ergonomic movement currently sweeping through office blocks around the world. For far too long, we’ve been building and using furniture as if we’re Lego people – straight backs and rigid limbs.

    The ergonomic theory accepts that this isn’t true, and creates furniture built for real human shapes. Choosing the right pillows for neck pain feeds into the same way of thinking.

    If your pillow is too soft, your head will ‘sink’ right down to the mattress, leaving your neck curving downwards. This is likely to result in aches and pains.

    It’s all about picking pillows which are designed to support the real shape of your body. Now, we’re all different, and some may find that a firmer pillow is more comfortable, and delivers better results than a more malleable one.

    Here are 10 of the top pillows to pick from to relieve your neck pains.

    1. Snuggle-Pedic Shredded Memory Foam Pillow


      Shredded memory foam pillows like this offering from Snuggle-Pedic provide a firm base for your neck. This gives better support than most feather or down pillows.

      It’s hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, which also makes it a great choice if you’re asthmatic or have certain allergies.

      Remove the outer cover to easily adjust thickness to suit your needs. And not only is it made in the USA – it comes with a 120-night trial and 20-year warranty. So even though it’s a little pricey, the company behind it will be there for decades to help you out if it doesn’t work out. That’s worth paying for.

    2. The Eden Pillow from Coop Home Goods


      Hypoallergenic Certipur Memory Foam Pillow

      Coop Home Goods’ Eden Pillow
      promises to keep you cool all night long as well as offering great neck support.

      As pillows for neck pain go, it’s one of my favorites. It’s made from a bamboo derivative combined with polyester, which has created a breathable fabric.

      If you’re not entirely happy within 100 days, you can return it for a money-back guarantee. But that’s unlikely.

    3. Sleep Innovations Cool Memory Foam Pillow


      This contoured pillow from Sleep Innovations features a slight dip in the middle so that it properly cradles your head as you sleep. Without holding it too high up and straining your neck.

      The manufacturer explains that this promotes spinal alignment.

      And the high-quality memory foam this pillow is made from should hold its shape for years and years.

    4. My Pillow Premium Series


      The My Pillow Premium Series allows you to choose from firm, medium-firm, and least-firm options to get the best night’s sleep by your own personal preference.

      The fitting guide helps you to choose the right loft (height or thickness) for you, by simply telling you which is best according to your t-shirt size – no measuring or fussing around.

      Comes stuffed with a patented fill made in the USA.

    5. Therapeutic Cervical Pillow From PILLO1


      Cervical pillows are designed with the principles of ergonomics first in mind. These make them excellent pillows for neck pain, as a replacement for your old, painful pillow.

      A dipped middle and high sides mean your neck is supported all night, leaving you well rested in the morning.

      This therapeutic pillow promises to encourage better respiration throughout the night and is comfortable to sleep on in any position.

    6. Chiroflow Premium Water Pillow


      Could a pillow filled with water be the one for you?

      The Chiroflow Premium Water Pillow is perhaps one of the best pillows for existing neck pain, as it is clinically proven to reduce this type of pain.

      The watery filling (tightly sealed to avoid leakage) gently moves to respond to the different sleeping positions you adopt during the night. But it doesn’t wobble around either – the support provided is sufficient and comforting.

      You’ll only need tap water to fill it -no chemicals or additives necessary.

    7. Conforma Firm Memory Foam Pillow


      I said earlier that firm mattresses and beds aren’t the answer to neck pain, but the truth is that everyone is different.

      For some people, the best pillows for neck pain may well be slightly firmer than I’d like personally. And those people should check out the Conforma Firm Memory Foam Pillow.

      It provides firm and steady support for your shoulders, neck, and head. The memory foam is well ventilated to help keep you cool as you sleep – ideal if you live in one of the warmer states.

    8. Tri-Core Orthopedic Neck Support Pillow


      Another cervical-style pillow on our list.

      The Tri-Core offers taller side lobes than most. This means it’s a good choice among pillows for neck pain, particularly among people who prefer to sleep on their side.

      Meanwhile, your neck is suitably supported by the side roll. This pillow works over time to realign and re-introduce the regular cervical curve of the spine.

      This pillow is available in several colors and one attractive printed design.

    9. Cr Sleep Memory Foam Contour Pillow



      The Cr Sleep Memory Foam Contour Pillow utilizes a simple and affordable design. This works effectively to prevent and relieve neck pain.

      The pillow is crafted from high-grade memory foam, infused with gel for a more comfortable night’s sleep. It is naturally antimicrobial and allergen resistant, so it’s a fair choice for people with allergies.

      The contour ‘wave’ makes this pillow suitable for people who sleep on their side, back or front.

    10. Mediflow Elite Fiberfill Waterbase Pillow


      The Mediflow 1066 Elite is a watery wonder.

      It’s clinically shown to reduce neck pain and improve your sleeping patterns. Which makes it a perfect choice if you’re struggling to drift off because of a sore neck.

      The water moves as you do, re-aligning itself to bear the weight of your head and neck. So if you thrash around a bit in the night, don’t worry. This pillow will move to meet your needs and do its best to prevent a stiff neck in the morning.

      A comfortable 65/35 polyester-cotton blended cover makes this pillow soft on your skin. And it has a 300 thread count to boot.

      If you’re unsure about a water pillow, there’s no harm in giving it a shot. This one comes with a three-year warranty.

      What a way to finish off a list about pillows for neck pain!

    Got Any More Questions About the Best Pillows For Neck Pain?

    This guide has told you all about some of the common options chosen by people looking for a new pillow to help treat their neck pain.

    You’ll find way more information about choosing the right pillow in my Pillow Tips. This regularly updated pagel explains which pillows to use in a number of situations.

    Which pillows should you pick when pregnant? What if you like to sleep on your side rather than your back? Which type of filling is the best? Find out now.

    Or if you’re unsure about anything in this guide, you can ask a question using the contact form on the website.

    Now that you’ve found out all about the best pillows for neck pain, I hope you’ll be sleeping far better from now on. 

    Sweet dreams!