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    “But I’ve had my pillow for years – Why is it causing me pain now?”

    Did you know that the average person loses about half a litre of fluid, and several million dead skin cells each and every night? Did you also know that it is this fluid is what dust mites, fungi and bacteria feed on, causing those brown stains on your mattress and pillow (yes, you know they are there)!!

    And while it’s gross, what will really turn your stomach is that it isn’t the actual dust mites that affect you but the proteins in the poo of the dust mites which are the allergens that cause some people to wake with a headache or hayfever or allergies and congestion in the morning.

    Even if you don’t normally suffer from allergies, asthma or other sinus issues, when you are breathing those little nasties it just puts unnecessary strain on your immune system. And while your body is having to put effort into killing those pathogens it is stopping your body from getting the deep and restful sleep that you really need. So give your immune system a break and look after your pillow!

    Yuck! Yes! and because this fluid is acidic, it starts to break down the foam in your pillow, reducing its lifespan and performance, so as a general rule you should either replace your pillow every 12 – 18 months, or, use a pillow protector to extend the life of your pillow. That is why hospitals use those horrible plastic or rubber covers on their pillows and beds, effective but not very comfortable at all. So, whilst you don’t need a plastic or rubber pillow cover, those cotton one’s you can buy for a few dollars at your department store just don’t cut it either.