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    1. A Quality Pillow Protector – You need to invest in your health by using a good quality waterproof yet breathable protector. This way your pillow will both last longer (5 years plus) and remain a healthier place to lay your head each night.


    2. Make Your Bedroom a “Pet free” Zone – whilst it may be nice to snuggle with your furry friends, unfortunately they tend to bring with them a myriad of bacteria that cause poor pillow (and bed) hygiene


    3. Dry Your Hair Before Hitting the Pillow – Bacteria, mold, fungi and mites thrive on moisture, and the moisture from your wet hair makes the perfect breeding environment for the little nasties.


    4. Replace Your Pillows Regularly – If you really can’t sleep with the feel of a waterproof pillow protector, not only will there be less nasties crawling on you, but there will be much better support for your neck and head during the night with a good, supportive pillow.


    5. Keep Your Pillows Clean – Wash them regularly in hot water, or air them in direct sunlight as these are the natural enemies of mites mold and bacteria. Just check the care instructions on your pillow first.


    6. Dust and Vacuum Regularly – Dusty furniture, rugs and carpets, as well that we lose millions of dead skin cells each night, all lead to an unhygienic sleep environment. For best results use a HEPA vacuum or filter as they are designed for maximum extraction of tiny bugs and pathogens.


    7. Keep Your Room Cool and Dry – We lose fluid anyway but lose much more when we are hot and sweating. A cool room not only inhibits growth of bacteria, mold and fungi, but scientific research also shows we sleep much better in a cooler environment!

    If you would like further advice or help in caring for or selecting your next pillow please feel free to contact me support@mypillowzone.com.